Rockmeadow Cattery Huntingdon

Rockmeadow is pleased to also offer a fully equipped cattery. As well as our dog kennels we offer spaces for cats. If you're away on a day trip, going on holiday or just have too much on, Rockmeadow are here to help. Our cattery caters for individual cats or multiple cats from one household and we can house them together or separately depending on your recommendations.

We have high quality premises and facilities with caring, professional staff, and top class customer service. When your cat stays at Rockmeadow you have peace of mind that your pet is safe and happy because our cattery is run to ensure that your pet will receive top quality care and attention.

We have a veterinarian on-call at all times for full attention to your cats well being. If you would like to find out more or make a booking please get in touch on 01487 841572 or online via our contact form.

Feel at Home

Whilst beds and bedding are provided, to make your cat feel comfortable, it is sometimes helpful you bring either your cats own bed, a favourite toy or an old jumper with which it is familiar. Making your cat as comfortable as possible is our main priority. And whether your cat is with us for just a day or for a little longer we will care for your cat every minute of their stay.

Comfortable cat at Rockmeadow